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Natalie Walker Master Trainer PSC

Natalie Walker, B.A. S.D.S.U. –  Owner and PSC Master Trainer PMA®CPT
In 1988, Natalie suffered a severe knee injury (shattering her patella) and was told by her physician that she would never run or jump again as the skeletal damage was too great. After years of living a sedentary lifestyle, she decided to empower her life with education in kinesiology and exercise physiology. Natalie was determined to move with less pain and better results.

Natalie began teaching popular group exercise formats like Step, Body Pump and Spinning and became a Certified Personal Trainer in the late 1990’s. Despite her education and awareness of exercise movement, the excessive pounding aerobics and weight training caused left her searching for a fitness routine that would keep her fit for life without exacerbating her injury. From her first private session, she knew Pilates would sustain her fitness level, without causing greater problems to her joints.

Soon after she completed the Pilates apprenticeship, Natalie returned to school to enter the Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program at L.L.U. However, while completing her observation hours at Scripps Hospital, Encinitas CA (P.T. department), she realized how beneficial Pilates can be for those with injuries and decided to pursue a career in Pilates instead.

Natalie has worked with a vast array of individuals, many with severe physical limitations and has become very intuitive in aiding the rehabilitation process, increasing balance and strength and reducing pain in clients ranging from 12 to 88 years old. Natalie received her mat work certification through the Physical Mind Institute in February of 2002, completed her comprehensive teacher training course from Long Beach Dance Conditioning (LBDC) a year later and is a PMA®Certified Pilates Teacher. She continues to further her education at the university level.  In addition to attending workshops in the fields of Pilates and rehabilitation Natalie is a Master Trainer for Pilates Sports Center and is proud to be registered with the PMA®.  In her fun time Natalie is an avid cyclist with Swami’s Cycling / Team Fun – Women’s cycling club in Carlsbad. She includes regular Pilates to complement her bicycle commute to the office and long weekend rides for a fit, flexible and healthy body!

Biljana (pronounced “Bill-yana”) Zimonjic – Studio Trainer

Biljana Z at EHF Pilates

Biljana Z – EHF Pilates trainer

Having a hiatal hernia made it difficult for Biljana to find an agreeable workout.  She practiced yoga on and off since early 2000 but all the various positions, including down dog and the inversions left her feeling awful afterwards.  Sadly she had to abandon yoga for good and took up a regular gym routine with spinning. Unfortunately it didn’t last long because of the physical issues she was experiencing so Biljana quit working out for about a year.  Knowing there must be something out there for her, she decided to give Pilates a try.  Not only did it not make her feel worse, she felt an almost immediate relief for some of her day to day ailments.  Biljana was hooked at the start and received almost immediate considerable improvements from her regular Pilates Practice, including a more optimal postural position, better balance , increased strength and just having a greater self-awareness.  She hopes to inspire others to take advantage of  the many benefits Pilates offers and help you lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Biljana completed the PSC Teacher Training program with Natalie Walker at EHF Pilates and feels confident and ready to help you find better health with Pilates.