Daily Archives: April 15, 2014

Will Pilates help my golf game?
Since Pilates increases spinal mobility, flexibility and abdominal strength without rigidity, our clients find their golf swing improves substantially. By training specific muscle systems in the body, including the shoulder and hip girdle, Pilates helps to increase your kinesthetic awareness, provides core strength with more flexibility and aids in a noticeable difference in your drive!


Will Pilates make me run / cycle better?
Cycling and running both require strong leg muscles and a strong supportive center. An increase in stride through increased ROM (range of motion) strength and flexibility training is especially significant in Pilates for runners final time – when seconds matter. While cyclists benefit from increased spinal and hamstring flexibility to hold proper posture during hill climbs and speed trials. A comprehensive Pilates program will offer a reduction inĀ upper trap (neck) and shoulder strain associated with long distance cycling by re-educating stability muscles in the shoulder girdle and core and keep runners in a better stride for longer. By providing strength in predominantly slow twitch muscle fibers Pilates will increase your overall speed which is so important during any distance sport.


A specific Pilates program for your sport will provide target training for the deep hip, knee and ankle stabilizers – in addition to the core system – to increase stability and provide a greater range of motion therefore helping to creating better movement patterns and allowing your body to perform with greater movement efficiency for the demand of the sport.