Pilates “Chisel” ab class at EHF Pilates

Focusing on the abs and “core” system, this 40 minute class will tighten your tummy to provide a flatter more refined midsection. New??? Try 1 class FREE… use promo code FPEC2016.

Using the reformer with plenty of props, Chisel will get you in and out quickly with maximum results.

This class is available for all levels with no prior experience and is intended for those individuals free of injury who are limited in time and are searching for a quick powerful Pilates program.

Prerequisite Notes

3 private Pilates sessions or the Pilates Principles is the minimum requirement prior to joining this series.


Please remember that all of our classes are fitness based and not recommended for clients with injuries.

3 client minimum or class may be cancelled... Please check your e-mail prior to class as you will receive and e-mail should we need to cancel the class… we will update the schedule online as well.

Pilates Express chisel ab class

Chisel your abs in Pilates Express

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