Get to know EHF Pilates

EHF Pilates – Our Story

At Enhanced Health & Fitness (EHF) Pilates our primary goal has always been to ensure you achieve your fitness and wellness goals since we opened our doors in 2002. Using the Pilates method our trainers use visual cueing, tactile feedback and/or demonstrate exercises and movements to increase your mind-body awareness for optimal results. The majority of our clients choose us because of our ability to offer independence and help in managing injuries so they can stay active and fit. EHF Pilates is referred to by Physicians, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, other clients and body-workers to help manage low-back pain, care for an injury and to stay functionally fit. Our well-educated trainers are chosen not only for their knowledge and competency in the Pilates method but for their various backgrounds in the fitness industry and their innate ability to teach clients

EHF Pilates owner, Natalie Walker is a PMA Certified Master trainer with Pilates Sports Center educating the newest generation of Pilates Teachers. EHF Pilates works with a vast array of clients, including healthy individuals who wish to stay in great shape and those needing more care to help with their injuries and issues.  We train professional athletes, triathletes, cyclists, surfers, post-rehabilitation patients, seniors, pre and post-natal women and specialize in working with those overcoming and managing injuries. EHF Pilates has been very successful in using the Pilates method to aid those with low-back pain, developmental delay, MS and other neuromuscular complications… in addition to working with clients who have had knee and hip issues or replacements… no matter your fitness level or injury EHF Pilates provides optimal training to maximize potential.

As you begin to learn Pilates and understand how connected your body and mind are, you will be amazed at your accomplishments. Not just physically in the form of a fit, sculpted, leaner look but of your sense of focus and how the Pilates body movement technique will positively impact your daily life and well-being while helping you recover. At EHF Pilates we teach a progressive meets traditional approach and offer the highest quality instruction.   We do not devalue our practice by offering monthly discounts on social media or advertising on sites that offer cheap classes with inexperienced trainers every hour on the hour.  At EHF Pilates style is focused, precise and powerful… done consistently and correctly you will obtain so much more then strength, flexibility, agility and manage your injury. It really will change your life…if you are ready for it!