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Pilates Reformer Class Schedule

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Start time Classes Teacher Duration
   9:00 am  Restoration Natalie  50 minutes
   5:30 pm Express – Restore Natalie  40 minutes
   6:15 pm  Barre Fusion Natalie  45 minutes
   8:30 am Express – Define Natalie  40 minutes
   5:30 pm Express – Endurance Natalie  40 minutes
   8:00 am Barre Fusion Natalie  45 Minutes
   9:00 am Athletic conditionig Natalie  50 Minutes
   5:30 pm Express – Define Natalie  40 minutes
   6:30 pm Barre Fusion Natalie  45 minutes
   8:30 am Express – Endurance Natalie  40 minutes
   5:30 pm Express – Core & Stretch Natalie  40 minutes
   8:00 am Barre Fusion Natalie  50 Minutes
   9:00 am Balance Natalie  50 Minutes
   8:30 am Barre Fusion Natalie  45 Minutes
9:30 am Express – Endurance Natalie  40 minutes

Please Note you may need a few private sessions if you have never done Pilates before so as not to interrupt the flow of the current classes.

Classes are loosely formatted. Express classes are Reformer based and last 40 min. Endurance used the Jump boards for a cardio blast during your Pilates core class. Restore is the most popular and gentle class offered and focuses on both stretching and strengthening.  Core & Stretch focuses on core work and offers great stretches at the end of class  Define is a challenging all body workout while Chisel is focused on abs. Our Reformer classes are more appropriate for our intermediate and advanced clients and are 50 min. Balance serves to enhance your balance while strengthening your body and Athletic conditioning is just as it sounds. Our Barre fusion classes are very challenging and offer more of our Pilates tower springs and some bar with great core and Mat work included… expect it to NOT be a dance class but have aspects of dance with the Ballet Barre work included. Most of our classes are challenging and not intended for those with injuries or those brand new to Pilates. Contact the studio with questions.

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Please note we require 24 hours advance notice to cancel your class to avoid class forfeiture. The system will allow you to cancel the class within the 24 hour time frame, however, no refund or make-up classes will be allowed.

If you have other questions about scheduling your session, please send an e-mail to

Remember, only the Express class formats are available to join without prior individual Pilates training. All other classes contain a prerequisite of 3 Private sessions or 1 Private and 2 shared sessions before joining.